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Growing Membership and Meeting Attendance (GMMA)

Given current market conditions, Associations are faced with maintaining membership while simultaneously trying to solidify meeting and conference attendance, especially given the reliance on the annual meeting/tradeshow as a revenue creator.

As such, leadership is looking for direction on where to focus energy and resources in the most efficient and effective manner moving forward to minimize utilization of reserves.


MDI's Growing Membership/Meeting Attendance (GMMA) is a logical and tactical approach to quickly get your membership team in a place to maximize the time ahead, while also position the data for meeting attendance and revenue growth. 


Direction – Order – Execution are key components of this program. Waiting and hoping is not an option. Those that attack the challenge and position themselves for recovery will prosper. GMMA was developed with this in mind. The goal is to properly position the Association for the long term, and use this time to gain deeper understanding, create direction and provide execution. By doing so, it minimizes the potential loss, and attacks the time ahead in a proactive manner for increased future revenues overall.  


Contact us today to learn more. 

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